Just Bananas "Ice Cream"


I've been seeing this one ingredient ice cream on the internet for years and recently tried it out for my 52 Food Adventures challenge.  We've been making it ever since.

As the only ingredient is frozen bananas, it really couldn't be simpler.

Your baby will get a unique treat when eating, your older children will consider it dessert,
and it would be perfect to help soothe the gums of a teething baby.

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Just Bananas "Ice Cream"

Banana (the more ripe the banana is the sweeter it will taste)

Take your banana, peel and slice it and place the pieces on a plate or tray.
Freeze the bananas and then puree in a food processor.

At this point you can definitely serve as is.  The texture will be that of soft serve.

If you like it to be more like traditional ice cream then stick it back in the freezer for another couple hours.



-Add peanut butter, cocoa powder or nutella
-Roast your bananas first to intensify the sweetness and add a note of caramel

Simply place in an airtight container in the freezer


Bananas are packed with potassium and fiber but they are also good for the digestive system.
They've been known to be binding and I think this would be the perfect that for a sick baby or child with diarrhea.

Have you had the one ingredient ice cream before?


  1. This looks wonderful!!!!! Great idea!
    Lisa, mom to Anthony, 10 months

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