Banana & Blueberry


This recipe is super simple and completely delicious.  This is one of those, throw together at the last minute purees and your baby will love it.


Banana & Blueberry
1 medium banana
1/2 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen

Place in food processor and puree.  

If using frozen blueberries just allow them to defrost a bit.  
Mine were still slightly frozen which worked out just fine.


-Add a dollop of yogurt.  I usually do this when I've used a really ripe and sweet banana
-For some extra protein, add 1/4 cup of silken tofu.  It blends right in and the flavor hardly changes.
-Mash this with a fork for some texture
-Mix with prepared oatmeal


This looks prettiest when eaten fresh as the banana will turn brown.
However, brown banana does not mean bad banana 
(unless of course we are talking about starting off with a rotten banana).
You can refrigerate for up to 3 days. 
I suggest placing cling wrap directly on the surface of the mixture to reduce browning if it bothers you.
You can also freeze this for up to 3 months (and I have frozen it) but it will brown as you thaw.

Blueberries are full of antioxidants and they help maintain memory. 
I'd say that's a huge perk considering the amount that your baby is learning on a daily basis.
Bananas are a great source of fiber and potassium.
They are also very good for the digestive system and have been known to remedy diarrhea(tmi?).

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  1. I almost missed this one! Ryder is so cute!!!


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