Chicken with Sweet Potato & Apples


Chicken with Sweet Potato (Yams) and Apples

1 chicken breast
1 sweet potato (yam)
2 apples

Trim any fat off your chicken breast and cut it into chunks.  Peel your sweet potato/yam and cut it into chunks.  You'll want to use any kind of yam (the orange flesh) for a purely aesthetic reason.  A regular sweet potato would be just as good but the mix will be an unappetizing whitish color.

Put both the chicken and the sweet potato in a pot with just enough water to cover.  Bring to a simmer.  Meanwhile, peel and cube your apples.  When the sweet potato is tender (and the chicken cooked) throw in your apples, mix and cover.  Cook for another couple minutes.  Everything should be fork tender.

Place all your ingredients, reserving cooking liquid, into the food processor.  Add as much liquid as you would like to produce the consistency your baby likes.  I used all of it.


Peanut is a big fan of this puree and it has lots of nutrients for him!


  1. Dawn, so you just boil the raw chicken? I will be visiting this blog often lol. This working mom rarely cooks but jar food does not look good and I have made baby's food since he started solids but i am stuck at meats. Mavi

  2. Yep, just boil and blend. You can do this with any of your meats!

  3. Thanks Dawn! If you add storage guidelines (freeze, or fridge for 2 days etc.) to all it would be extremely helpful for me and others I am sure. I have been using the internet for all of my questions regarding baby food. I will let Megan and others know of this blog. Great Idea! you are awesome and your boy is just too too too cute! Mavi

  4. Storage! I will do that- thanks for the feedback!


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