Baby Food Jars


Everyone wants to know where I get these baby food jars!

The answer is... from family who save them for me!

I also save the glass jars when I buy commercial baby food.  

The jars are passed to me, I strip them of their paper labels, 
sanitize them and use them for storing my baby food.

I love that I can write directly on the outside of the jars (type of food and date made)
 and then scrub the writing off with the rough side of a sponge when I clean them.
So ask your friends to save their jars!

If you don't have anyone to give you jars you can find them on ebay.

There are actually quite a few people selling the empty jars.  
Make sure you get the lids.
This would be your cheapest option.  Well, besides the free ones.

Just buy the 4 oz Mason or Ball canning jars.  You can find them at most grocery stores.

You can also google 4 oz jars (or larger) and find them on various websites 
like here and here.

There are all kinds of glass jars to be had, they don't need to be specifically for baby food.

What do you use to store your baby food?

A note about freezing in jars:  Make sure you leave space at the top of your jar, about 3/4 of an inch will do.  As the food freezes it will expand up.  Leaving that space will give it some growing room.

Otherwise the food will press against the lid and then expand out causing the glass to crack.

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