Yummy, Yucky


A while back I stumbled upon A Little Yumminess and found that they had a tab dedicated to foodie books.  You can imagine how excited I was and still am. 
 I just had to jump on that idea as I'd started to look at food books before Peanut was even around.


Yummy Yucky by Leslie Paticelli is simple, colorful and fun.


It takes you thru a series of items that are both yummy and yucky.

The main character is very dramatic in his yummy and yucky expressions and he even leaves me giggling.

What are your favorite foodie children's books?


  1. Too cute! Q would disagree about the coffee though. ;) He looooves coffee. Not that we let him drink a ton, but a few sips ties him over 'till he can get his next java fix. Oh, I kid.

    I love the booger illustration.

    And I love your official taste testers, they are just tooooo cute!

  2. Too cute to handle he seems to be having alot of fun with his food. the creator is really amazing and i liked the idea very much


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