Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

I picked this book up while browsing Barnes and Noble one day and have given it as a gift twice already.

B and I both immediately loved it.

Picnik collage

Here you have a story of Little Pea who leads an ordinary pea life.

There is one thing that Little Pea doesn't like....

eating dinner.

You see, Little Pea has to eat candy for dinner and he hates candy!

Come on Little Pea, just 5 more bites and you can have dessert.

Picnik collage

After choking down his dinner of sweets he finally makes it to dessert....

What a fantastic ending.

We love the simple illustrations.
The minimal background makes it easy for your little to focus on the illustrations and story line.
This story is just super cute and very fun.

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  1. Little Pea is one of my favorites. :) I like to give it as a gift as well.


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