NurturMe baby food & a giveaway!

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When I was first contacted about this product I immediately got on NurturMe's website 
and read all about them.
I watched the video, looked at the blog and searched the internet.

I was really, really excited.
I just crossed my fingers and hoped that it didn't taste like chalk.... or some of the other store bought foods.

When I pulled the package out of the mailbox I briefly wondered if they were sending the food separately.

These things are light as air.
Roughly the same size as a package of hot cocoa they weigh about 1/2 ounce each.

What is it?
It's dry baby food.
"The first and only certified-organic, all-natural, gluten-free baby food 
made from nutrient-rich, quick-dried fruits and vegetables."

Phew, that's-a-lot-of-hyphens.


I know that at first dry baby food sounds odd but really it shouldn't surprise us.
One of the most common first foods given to babies is rice cereal.

This is the same concept.

You simply mix these packets with breast milk, formula, water or whole milk and
voila, you have your food!

It's a traveller's dream because you don't have to lug around jars of baby food
or worry about refrigeration and other things.

Easy Peasy.

And get this... it tastes good!
B and I tried them all dry and mixed and Peanut gives them a thumbs up as well.

I have to say, and you're probably going to think I'm really weird,
 that I was really excited that all the powdered food were different textures.

Because when I buy baby food from the store I always marvel at the fact that
 it all comes out the consistency of pudding.
How is this possible?
How can cooked peas and chicken and banana and sweet potato and green beans and
beef with macaroni and vegetable risotto and mango turkey with brown rice
all be the consistency of pudding?  How?!

They are different foods, they should have different textures!

The apple.  Oh boy, have you ever had apple chips?
That's what these taste like.
I wanted to roll a dessert in them and eat it myself.
B tried to convince me to pour it on his ice cream.

Also, the packaging is recyclable and the carton is made using wind energy.
Yay for green packaging!

And cute.  The packaging is sooo cute.

Well, it is.

I'm just sayin'.

My first thought was to use it as a thickener for some of my purees.
Often times when I puree really ripe fruit (that's super juicy),
the puree turns out really thin.
Tasty but thin.

So I added the apple to my cherry peach sauce and it was perfect.
Look how thick and yummy that looks.

Oh and while we are still talking about apple, which is #1 on the dirty dozen list,
I should mention that all the fruits and veggies used, are from certified-organic U.S. farms.
All natural with nothing added.

Pure and simple.

Picnik collage

NuturMe comes in 4 different flavors:
Plump Peas, Crisp Apples, Scrumptious Squash & Hearty Sweet Potatoes

You can mix and match them.
I gave Peanut the squash and sweet potatoes and he loved it.

I mean, how much easier can it get?
It's one of those things I'll keep in my diaper bag, earthquake kit and car... just in case.

Besides, these aren't just for your infant.
On the website I saw them mix the squash into mac and cheese for a toddler.
You can't see it at all and the flavor would work perfectly.
Parent's just love sneaking extra nutrients into their kids food.

My favorite, from a recipe standpoint, has to be the peas.

It took us a while before I felt comfortable giving Peanut peas with the skins blended in.
He tends to choke and gag and things a lot.

The result was that I didn't make a lot of things with peas.
This is the answer to that problem.

You could substitute a package of the plump peas in this recipe, add a bit of water and call it a day.

These peas taste like peas.  Not like store bought grayish baby food peas.  Like real, fresh peas.

Other suggestions from NuturMe included Apple Pudding, Sweet Potato Pancakes and Froggy Pasta.

Most importantly
(you know, besides the flavor, the fact that it's environmentally friendly
it's light weight, perfect to store and has super cute packaging)
is that it's sooo good for your little.

The fruit and vegetables are drum-dried and freeze-dried
which means that they retain more nutrients and phytochemicals than their cooked counterparts.
Especially the over-cooked veggies and fruits you buy at the grocery store.

The only draw-back is that their aren't more flavors!
I have a feeling that will be changing as they gain more momentum.
I hear banana has just come out.

You can find them on websites like
Amazon, Babies R Us, Target,, and in some Whole Foods stores.
And actually starting today they will be available in Babies R Us stores nationwide.


So because you are awesome and this product is awesome...
and I feel you should be united in your awesome-ness...
and because every parent needs to have an easy, healthy product like this at their disposal...

I'm giving away one New Feeding Gift Pack which includes 2 of each flavor and the NurturMe spoon.

To enter this giveaway just leave a comment.

Giveaway closes Sunday 8/14 at midnight and the winner will be randomly chosen 
and announced next Monday.

For additional entries you can: 
1. Facebook, tweet or blog this giveaway and leave me a link
2. Like them on Facebook and leave me a comment (and get a coupon on their page)
3. Follow them on Twitter and leave me a comment

Good Luck!

~NurturMe did provide me with the product for this post but the opinions and photographs (with the exception of the last) are mine.  I would not post about a product I do not support.


  1. I love the Nurturme products!

  2. How exciting! I had never heard of this until now! and I love the idea of dried food- it's so hard to travel with baby food... if she doesn't eat the whole jar we have the problem of trying to keep it cold somehow, but this seems like a great solution. And I also love the idea of mixing it with some of the thinner fruit purees- we have that same problem :) Thanks again!

  3. Liked them on Facebook! Off to their page for a coupon, just in case I don't win :)


    Facebook Post

  5. Tweeted!/StephanieGimlin/status/100649834100441088

  6. Oh wow would LOVE to win this giveaway! Commenting! :)

  7. I'm looking for ways to improve my toddlers' diets. I love the mix-in capabilities this has!

  8. Also liked them on Facebook. Sarah C.

  9. Followin on twitter, too! @sarahmama

  10. Following on Twitter :) (@Myrnie)

  11. Where was this stuff when my kids were babies??? Entering the giveaway for a friend who just had a baby. :)

  12. Looks great! Excited to try as we are introducing solids right now!!

  13. I should be entering for my friends with babies but I think I'm entering for myself! heh!

  14. I put the link up on my facebook page. :o)

  15. I liked 'em. And I really do! Like them, that is!

  16. These would be perfect for camping! Awesome!

  17. What a great find! I'm so curious to try them for both my baby and toddler!


    I am totally excited to share this!

  19. Wow! I can't wait to try this product! This is awesome!

  20. This is so flippin awesome!!!

  21. now this is what i'm talkin about!

  22. Fun! I've been reading this blog for a little while now, trying to stash away the recipes in my head! My little man just started veggies this week, so we have a little time before I can try some of your recipes, but i'm super excited and inspired!

  23. I would really like to get this for my bff. She just had baby Jace 4 weeks ago and I think nurture me products would be perfect when he is ready! On the other hand it might be great to sneak a few packs into some of my meals to get my 4 teens the nutrition they need! I am sure my Quakers (birds) would love it too! Thanks Mompreneurs!

  24. I am so excited to try this product out! I like how it will fit easily into a diaper bag, purse, glove compartment, and even a back pocket. Thanks for introducing us to this product!

  25. Posted a comment on Facebook too!!!

  26. Well at 14 months we're still using purees... should I admit that? I mean, she eats finger foods too, but sometimes the purees are just easier, especially if we're going to be out somewhere. Love this!

  27. These look amazing. I made most of my baby food with my first 3 kids but would love to give this a try for number 4! So handy for when you're out!

  28. It's really a traveller's fantasy because you don't have to tote about containers regarding child meals
    or worry about refrigeration along with other issues.

    Simple Peasy.

    And acquire this... that style good!
    B and i also tried all of them dried out as well as put together along with Peanut gives them any thumbs up as well.

    I have to point out, and you're simply more likely to believe I am truly weird,
    that we really was fired up that most the powdered food had been various finishes.

    Due to the fact when I acquire baby foodstuff in the retailer It's my job to wonder on the proven fact that
    all of it happens your consistency involving pudding.
    Bed not the culprit this specific feasible?
    Just how can cooked properly peas as well as fowl as well as bananas and sweet potato as well as green coffee beans as well as
    ground beef with macaroni as well as veg risotto along with apple bulgaria together with dark brown hemp
    all be your uniformity associated with pudding? Precisely how?!,containers-such-as-plastic-and-glass-to-wow-gold.html

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