Oops, Missing Pictures


This picture is totally how I feel right now.

I'm sorry about the posts with missing pictures.

I'm new to apple and just realized that deleting pictures in 
iPhoto also deletes pictures in flickr as the two are synchronized.

My previous work flow involved deleting pictures off my computer that were already in flickr and were specifically for blogging.

As I repeat previous recipes I will be filling those pictures back in.

I'll have some new recipes up shortly... as I've apparently just erased all the pictures I just took.

Oh well, live and learn. 


1 comment:

  1. This image is very 外贸SEO the way i really feel at this time.

    I'm sorry 雨飞regarding the articles using lacking photographs.

    Now i'm not used to apple mackintosh and realized that removing photos inside
    iPhoto furthermore removes pictures inside reddit as the a couple of are synchronized.

    My previous function flow involved trashing photos away my own pc which were previously throughout reddit and also were specifically for blogging and site-building.

    Because i repeat prior tested recipes I'll be filling up those pictures back.

    I am going to 英文SEO involve some new dishes way up soon... since I've seemingly only cleared all the pictures I simply took.


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